We'd like you to join us for a weekend of play and personal growth, of laughter and learning, of essence and ecstasy.  Imagine a sacred space where you're truly heard, where who you are at your core is cherished, where you're part of the loving community nurturing this.  I'm leading a workshop retreat, along with YogaShare teacher Thom Phillips, in September in California for gay and bi men.

We're calling it "Essence & Ecstasy".  We'll let it all hang out, literally and figuratively, as we explore ourselves and each other through body work, sacred ritual, conscious and mindful practice, and shared joy.  We'll experience yoga, massage, heart circles, ecstatic dance, our [personal] power, self awareness, our fierceness, water play anyone?, and a Sharing Salon, and there'll be time for relaxing by the pool, wandering the grounds, and generally chilling with new friends or on our own.

The setting's a rustic retreat center in Pescadero, in the California coastal valley between Santa Cruz and San Francisco.  There's a big lodge room with fireplace and large deck with a pool and hot tub, all on a quaint 22 acre property graced with teepees, a fire pit, and lots of wild flowers.  We'll be there over the autumnal equinox, Sept 21-23, and will celebrate our harmony with nature and the world in which we live.

For more information, check out our Web sites and or give us a call.  We hope you'll come experience your ecstatic self with us!



Dan Craft, PhD, CPC
Life Coach
"Come see the wonder
  that is your life!"