Be At Home In Your Body
Essence & Ecstasy Workshop Retreat
An exploration of body and self awareness
for gay and bi men.
Sept 21–23, 2007
Venture Retreat Center
Pescadero, CA (near Santa Cruz)
Dance Naked In Your Living Room
Be free in your
own power.
Authentic Being Joy-full Playing Soul Connection Personal Growth Body Awakening Loving Community

This will be a weekend of play, growth, connection, and awareness exploration.  We'll practice being at home in our bodies.  We'll practice being at home in our emotional and spiritual selves.  We'll stand in our personal power.

Seize your essence—who you are at your core—and know the ecstasy that is yours, that which you truly long for.  Look at what is stopping you from embracing this.  Find your next step toward the life you desire.  Shed all that doesn't serve you, including the "should"s, the "have to"s, and all the ways our culture asks us to cover.  Do so in the company and with the support of men similarly freed.  Take what is yours!

Through yoga, breath work, heart circles, massage, ecstatic dance and personal growth exercises, we'll celebrate who we are and create conscious community.  All of you is welcome—your joy, your sadness, your love, your fear, your shame—for only when our entire experience of being is accepted can we know peace and, from that place, truly live our ecstatic lives.

$395 including meals and accommodation
(early booking discount, scholarships and work exchange available)
Facilitated by:
Thom Phillips, CMT, CFT, CSB

Thom is a professionally-trained, nationally-certified massage therapist and YogaShare teacher with a decade of professional and athletic experience and service to hundreds of clients.

Dan Craft, PhD, CPC

Dan is a certified life coach and experienced process facilitator, who creates sacred space in which clients can discover and embrace their truth, for authentic, heart-centered living.

Come experience your ecstatic self!
Seize Truth
Dan Craft
San Francisco Bay Area