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Life Coach

I aspire to be a wonder-full coach—inspiring from wisdom, insightfully following truth, and infectiously loving life.  In coaching, I create sacred space in which clients can discover and embrace their truth, for authentic, heart-centered living.

I am a Certified Professional Coach (CPC), having done my training with inviteCHANGE in Seattle.  inviteCHANGE (formerly Academy for Coach Training) was one of the earliest schools accredited by the International Coach Federation, the single international body which regulates the coaching profession.  I chose inviteCHANGE because of their emphasis on spirituality/consciousness, their holistic approach to persons and coaching, and their high standards.

I support particularly the consciousness and spiritual communities in my coaching, as well as the queer community, especially around issues of coming out.

Education & Prior Careers

During my schooling, I was in a phase of my life where I was very driven and focused on meeting our culture's expectations.  I graduated valedictorian from high school with a 4.0 GPA and, for college, graduated number 1 of 2502 in my class from Georgia Tech (the M.I.T. of the South) again with a 4.0 GPA.  My degree was in Computer Science, and I had minors in Business Administration and Electrical Engineering.

University of Cambridge

My PhD is also in Computer Science, specializing in Distributed Computing, from the University of Cambridge in England.  I was fortunate to receive a Marshall Scholarship, which, similar to the Rhodes Scholarship, selects 30 students per year from the U.S. to pursue graduate work at a university of their choice in the U.K.  My time at Cambridge was seminal in my life, affording my experiencing another culture and travelling extensively as well as developing my critical thinking and sense of self.

Adobe Systems

My computing career spanned 16 years in Silicon Valley, presenting me with many wonderful and challenging opportunities.  It began with Acorn Research Center in Palo Alto, the research arm of a British computer company developing a Linux-like computer workstation, and then continued at the Olivetti Research Lab in Menlo Park where I was a Senior Research Scientist.  After that, I joined Adobe Systems for 10 years as a Senior Computer Scientist in their Advanced Technology Group.

Variously throughout my career, I have worked on operating systems, programming languages, programming environments, digital video editors, PostScript, Acrobat, digital asset organization, a user-centered Web Surfboard, personal computer platforms, user interfaces and user-centered design, and I hold a number of patents and publications in these areas.  Most recently, I was the user interface architect and interim systems architect for Deploy Solutions, a startup developing a J2EE Web-based HR recruiting and retention system for Fortune 1000 companies.

In addition to computing, I concurrently had a minor career as a ballet dancer, dancing professionally for 12 years in local and regional companies.  Dance provided an artistic balance to the more intellectual pursuit of computing.  Both were filled with creativity.  My life was very busy!

Consciousness & Personal Growth

I have a passion for bringing consciousness to the world.  I have witnessed the life-affirming effects of personal growth work as people awaken to who they truly are and to the truth of their relationships to others.  We know who we've become, but who are we?

Hosen & Dan

I studied for nine years with Deborah Morris, a master teacher for Voice Dialogue.  I also studied several years with Jett Psaris and Marlena Lyons, founders of the Conscious Living Center and authors of Undefended Love, as well as with Loic Jassy, former director of the Hendricks Institute.  I have done Shadow Work facilitation training with Dmitri Bilgere, one of the original facilitators of that process.  I spent an enlightening two weeks at Bodhi Manda, a Zen Buddhist center in New Mexico, learning from Hosen Osho, the Vice-Abbess and an extraordinary presence.  Other modalities and programs which have contributed significantly to my growth and knowledge include: The Hoffman Quadrinity Process, New Warrior training with the ManKind Project, Undefended Living, Spirit Journeys, Transcendental Meditation, numerous Yoga practices, Living Your Vision, and 5-Rhythms Ecstatic Dance.

Studying to become a coach and working with clients has been my latest source of instruction and inspiration.  "Always student; always teacher" is one of my guiding principles.  I am excited about this phase of my journey, which is unfolding as wonderfully challenging and fulfilling.  Having stuffed my tool bag full of processes and techniques I can facilitate, I am continuing to develop my intuition so I can bring more and more insight to my coaching.  One of my strengths, developed during years of reasoning and abstraction required in computing, is to blend all the models and techniques of the different modalities so I can provide the most effective options for the client's current work.

As a gay man, it has been necessary for me to reexamine consciously many of the expectations and beliefs of our culture.  As part of this exploration, I have re-chosen my values and guiding principles to be in alignment with my essence.  I have an appreciation of what it is to be a minority and an understanding of uniquely queer issues.  When I began my journey, I identified as straight and spent many years understanding heterosexual relationships.  With these encompassing perspectives, I am able to work effectively with clients of all orientations.

Vision & Purpose

In the Living Your Vision process I spent three months clarifying the expression of my essence and deriving a Master Plan for all areas of my life, better enabling me to live my life from the inside out.  I'd like to share my vision and purpose statements from that work:

Flying Trapeze

I am the joyous wonder of child spirit, and
I am powerful, creative intelligence and wisdom.

My purpose is:
to play in the Universe,
to share yummy soul connections,
to expand consciousness, and
to simplify understanding of our world.

My spirit animal is the dolphin, intelligent and playful.  I've had the joy of swimming face to face with them in the wild.



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Dan Craft
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