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Vicarious Coaching CD

Do you still have questions about coaching?  Try this CD.  You'll experience coaching vicariously by hearing the coaching experiences of others.  You may even experience personal growth vicariously through relating to these people's stories and their resulting growth.  This experiential learning will give you a good sense of what coaching is like, which can inform your decision about whether coaching is right for you.

Come join us to learn what life coaching is like and perhaps something about yourself.  Pull up a chair as we chat about coaching and why we're drawn to it.  Listen in on a live coaching session as a client reframes difficult challenges.  Hear about progress in a series of sessions as another client steps into their power—to show up as the powerful person they are.

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The Follow-Through Rebate™

Bottom line: I'll give you the CD, with just a $4.95 shipping & handling fee, if you'll follow through on your intent to listen to it.

The purpose of coaching is to help you make changes in your life.  A desire for things to be different is an important start.  Developing that desire into an intention to change and a plan for change is crucial.  And, ultimately, you HAVE to follow through to be successful.  All the good intention and planning in the world cannot be effective without action.  Moving into action once you have deepened the learning is fundamental to coaching.  I want you to experience that right from the start.

The American Society of Training and Development found that the probability of completing a goal is:

  • 10% when you hear or think of the goal;
  • 25% when you consciously decide you will do it;
  • 40% when you decide the time when you will do it;
  • 50% when you plan how you will do it;
  • 65% when you commit to someone else you will do it; and
  • 95% when you have a specific accountability appointment with the person to whom you committed you would do it.

Ordering this CD clearly indicates your desire to change and your intention to explore whether coaching by me would serve you.  The Follow-Through Rebate is designed to help you take the necessary next steps of listening to the CD and talking to me about it.  Let's make sure the CD doesn't end up unopened on your desk.  It's SO easy, in our busy lives, to start things we never finish.  Our intentions are good AND many of us can use some help on the follow through.  That's what I'm offering you with this rebate—a chance to push that probability to 95%.

Here's how it works: You listen to the CD and call me to discuss it within the next three weeks, and I'll refund the $10 purchase price (excluding any fee charged by your credit card company).

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Dan Craft
San Francisco Bay Area