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The Coaching Partnership
It's All About You

Really, coaching and the coaching parnership are all about you!

It's your life and you're the one who knows what you want it to look like.  At a deep level, you know the paths along which your happiness lies.  You have the knowledge of how to live your life from the inside-out—your essence is within you.  I ask questions to help you explore this terrain, to help you plan how you want to bring about change, and to help you follow through on your intentions.  We say, "The coach has the questions; the client has the answers."

This past year feels more like a light year in terms of how far I've come.

–RD, Alaska

Clients typically enter coaching with specific changes they want to make, such as changing jobs, starting a new business, or improving a relationship.  Whatever your initial goals, a primary focus of the coaching sessions will be on refining and achieving those goals.

In the broader context, we will explore the wonder that is your life; acknowledging the gold, and opening paths for change that will provide you with even more of what you want.

How It Begins

I find many people's interest in coaching is sparked by the prospect of bringing change to their lives.  Sun's Coming UpSometimes we want things to be different, and we're just so busy trying to keep up with the circumstances of our lives that we're not getting around to doing anything about it.  I say this at a party, and a lot of people's hands go up.  As we talk, people get excited as the realization sinks in that they, and you, don't have to do this alone—you can have a coach working alongside you for support.

Once you express an initial, serious interest, we make an appointment to discuss the opportunity.  It's a chance for me to let you know more about coaching, and in particular my style of coaching, and for you to let me know what's motivating you to work with a coach.  As part of this, I might do some actual coaching with you in the form of a free introductory coaching mini-session.

As we interview each other, we get a sense of whether there's a good match.  Coaching is a partnership that requires a lot of trust.  So, we want to ensure that the chemistry's there, and that we'll enjoy working together.  And, I check that you are ready to embrace change, and are committed to moving into action.  Change can seem a bit scary, so it's important to cast it against how empowering it can feel to realize that you are the architect of your life, and to claim that.

Coaching Packages

I offer the following packages for coaching sessions for individuals and couples. Couples relationship coaching is a powerful way for couples to enrich their relationship and closeness, as well as learn to support each other in their individual growth.

  • Individual, Weekly (four 40-minute sessions per month)
  • Individual, Bi-weekly (two 40-minute sessions per month)
  • Couple, Weekly (four 1-hour sessions per month)

These packages are for mostly telephone sessions, with the occasional face-to-face session.  Full time face-to-face sessions may be arranged.  All are supplemented with occasional email support.

Holding Your WorldAll individual coaching begins with an initial three-month commitment for weekly coaching. Following that, individuals may continue with weekly or bi-weekly sessions on a month-by-month basis. For couples coaching, each member of the couple must have had at least one month of individual coaching before they can begin couples coaching. (They may continue individual coaching during couples coaching, or may transfer the remainder of their coaching time to the couples sessions.)

Prior to the initial session, you will be asked to complete an inventory of about a dozen questions covering everything from your values to what learning methods work best for you to three initial goals you have for coaching.  This helps me to understand your agenda so I can hold that agenda during the sessions, and it serves you in exploring and clarifying your intentions.  In the initial session, we will review your inventory and begin coaching.  At that time, we will also schedule the ongoing coaching sessions.

Coach Commitments

I am here to serve you, the client.  I will challenge you, and celebrate with you.  I will be your champion throughout this process.

  • I will hear you at a deep level.
  • I will not judge you, even those parts of yourself that you may judge.
  • I will be fully present.
  • I will be direct and honest in all our interactions.
  • I will ask questions and make powerful requests to help you explore how you want to achieve your agenda.
  • I will celebrate with you when you achieve your goals, and will bring to bear inquiry with wonder when you encounter obstacles to them.
  • I will maintain confidentiality of everything you communicate to me so that you can be open and truthful to obtain the maximum benefit from coaching.
  • I will conduct myself in accordance with the profession's ethics (ICF Ethics).
Client Commitments

You, the client, are the focus of this partnership.  You have all the power.  It is important that you are committed to yourself to maximize your growth and learning.  Clients are asked to make these commitments upon enrollment.

  • Yes, I am ready and willing to make changes so that I can have the life I want.
  • Yes, I empower my coach to facilitate me in this partnership.
  • Yes, I am prepared to look honestly at my life, to explore my choices, and to consider how I can live more from the inside out.
  • Yes, I will hold myself accountable for my commitments to action so that I may succeed regardless of the outcome.
  • Yes, I am certain that I am ready now to begin fulfilling my goals for coaching.

Coaching provides a powerful, nurturing, action-oriented partnership focused on you and your goals.  What do you want your life to be?

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Dan Craft
San Francisco Bay Area