Dan Craft
Dan Craft
Is there a gap between where you are and where you want to be?

My clients are closing that gap!  Here is some of what my clients have done so far:

  • healed a romantic relationship
  • come out
  • started dating again
  • started a new business
  • changed jobs
  • reinvented herself in her career
  • begun writing a long-intended book
  • moved to a soul-nurturing home

People come to coaching when they want to make changes in their lives.  What in your life do you want to be different?


As we focus on the specific goals you want to achieve, we also broaden and deepen the Ingredients For Changescope of exploration.  "What's underneath your desire for this transition?  How will you feel when you've achieved it, and what will your experience of it be?"  You become clear on how the goal relates to your essence, helping you to fine tune your desired result and open up to all the possibilities for achieving it.Moving Into Action

With this deepened understanding of what you want, we formulate a plan for how you will get there.  Then you're ready to move into action, and I help you follow through on your intentions via accountability, encouragement, acknowledgment, and general championing of you as you move forward with your agenda, always with an emphasis on learning and honoring.


The experience we have of life is as important as the circumstances.

Are you? Would you rather be?
At the mercy of circumstances:
  • I'm just so busy.
  • My life is out of balance.
  • I want things to be different, but I don't have time to change them.
Living from the Inside-Out:
  • I look inward to my essence for guidance.
  • I honor my values & principles as I set my priorities, make my choices, and move into action.
Feeling pushed:
  • I should…
  • I have to…
  • I need to…
Being drawn forward:
  • I am at choice.
  • This is what I want.
  • I'm excited about what this is enabling.
  • I'm being pulled by my passion.
Going it alone:
  • I am a capable person; I can do this on my own.
  • I'll try to find some time to focus on myself, but I have to take care of others first.
  • I can figure this out; it just may take some time.
  • 40 minutes each week dedicated solely to the changes I want.
  • I have a coach!  Working on my agenda is easier, and more fun, with someone alongside supporting me.
  • My coach is a professional, with the expertise and experience to help me achieve results quickly & effectively.
Seize Truth

It's been said that life's greatest mystery is who we truly are.  It's important to discover that—to discover your truth—and to seize that knowledge, to live from that place.View From On High  Let your choices and actions be guided from this connection to your essence.  Let them honor your values and principles.  Then you will be in integrity and inner conflict will abate.  You will feel whole and can experience real joy, happiness, and connection.

Coaching is about creating the sacred space for you to discover and explore and experiment around this.  This learning establishes an informed basis from which you can make choices and go into action.Touching Your Heart  And, coaching has to be about enjoying life, in the process as well as the outcome, so fun and laughter will be essential parts of our sessions.  Yes, we are here to work, and we're here to love living life.

My clients are very capable people, who've often done personal growth work and are spiritual (though not necessarily religious).  They're taking their lives to the next level, and want some help in doing so.  Are you ready to take your life to the next level?  I invite you, "Come, see the wonder that is your life."

–Dan Craft

Seize Truth
Dan Craft
San Francisco Bay Area